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Several years ago, I lost my health as a result of and accident and consequently, lost my job, my home and all my worldly possessions.  Following this particularly difficult time in my life... Gammy's House began as a blog.

My blog was a personal place to mourn, a place to remember, a place where I drew strength from  family and friends... and most importantly... a place to heal.
I'm am filled with gratitude and Gammy's House has become an extension of my love of life.  A canvas... where I share the most valuable lessons I've learned on my recovery journey... and it is my greatest wish that as you make yourself at home at Gammy's House, that you will be encouraged to uncover the magical gifts in the every day and to embrace what matters most in life... that ignites passions, that instills gratitude, that offers strength, that restores hope, that fills you up and brings you JOY!
You may even find a SECRET room or two!!
Thank you for your patience as I translate, create and transfer my art to my
website as quickly possible... so check back often. 
In the Studio
Please browse my downloads in my FUN STUFF section for oodles of inspirational and useful household templates, clip art, coloring and activity pages and just plain 'ol fun things to do and share with your family and friends.  

I've just started converting them all, so check back often as I get them uploaded.
Mosey on over to my STUDIO BLOG where you'll find crafts projects,  discover what I'm currently working on and even watch me work!

You'll also find recipes from my home grown herb garden and foraged wild edibles ... and so much more!
I would so love for you to visit my GALLERY SHOP here at Gammy's House or GAMMY'S HOUSE DESIGNS (my Etsy shop) where you can purchase reasonably priced, whimsical art and gifts for children, inspirational hand painted lettering quotes, garden & nature prints and home decor for yourself, your family and friends.
See my LIVE CHAT box over there in the corner?  When I'm LIVE, you can chat with me in real time.  I'm just on the other end.  :)

Do you need help finding something?  Would you like to collaborate on a project?   I would love to answer your questions or consider your proposal. 

If I'm not online, you can post a message or even leave an encouraging word in the same box.  Sort of like... a friendly neighborly wave across the yard or even posting a note on my fridge... my home's central messaging center.  I'll respond as quickly as I can.
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