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Gift Certificates
Effective March 30, 2015
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Important eGift certificate Terms
Printed Gammy's House eGift certificates are transferable if they do not include a recipient email address.  For security and verification purposes, you may be required to verify your identity using a credit card to purchase.

Multiple gift certificates can be redeemed on a single purchase if they are in the same currency.  Unused balances may be applied to other purchases.

eGift certificates do not accrue maintenance fees.

Neither Gammy's House/Tammy Stewart nor PayPal are responsible for lost or stolen eGift certificates.

How do I purchase an eGift certificate?
Easy.  Just click on the "I want this" button above to add an eGift certificate to your cart.  At PayPal checkout, enter the email address of the recipient, when you would like the certificated delivered and the certificate demonination.  The Gammy's House eGift certificate with be sent to the recipient within a few hours.  You may enter a message to the recipient free of charge.  No added fees apply.

See Paypal eGift certificate terms here.  To see a sample of the certificate please click on the certificate below.
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"undamaged" merchandise constitutes a product in "new" condition that can be sold to the public as a "new" product.
Can I email a gift certificate to someone who doesn't have an email address?
No, I'm sorry. However, you can print an egift certificate and send it to the recipient. The recipient must have a PayPal account or sign up for a one in order to redeem a Gammy's House eGift certificate. Please do not enter a recipient email address if you are not sure which email address the recipient has associated with a PayPal account.

Note: Gammy's House eGift certificates are transferable if the recipient's email address is not printed on the gift certificate.

Why do I need to add a credit card or bank account in order to use my gift certificate?
For security purposes, you may be required to add a credit card or bank account to your PayPal account before you can redeem your gift certificate.

How do I redeem my eGift certificate?
  1. Visit   Shop and find an item you would like to purchase. 
  2. You need to log in to your PayPal account to redeem a Gammy's House eGift certificate . If you don't have a PayPal account, go to to sign up now. Registering is fast, free and secure.
  3. On the payment confirm page, you can either enter or select the redemption code of your eGift certificate.

Your eGift certificate balance will be applied toward your online purchase at checkout.  If you enter your eGift certificate number on the payment page and then decide to remove an item(s) from your cart or continue shopping, your eGift certificate will not be debited.  Your eGift certificate will only be debited when you complete a purchase.

Do I have to spend the exact amount on my eGift certificate?
No, not at all.   If your purchase amount is less than the value of the eGift certificate, you may apply the balance toward your next purchase. Just keep your redemption code until you've used the total balance.  If your purchase is more the amount of your eGift certificate, you will need to make an additional payment for the remainder of your purchase total.

Important Customer Notice
We can only guarantee the authenticity of Gammy's House eGift certificates if it was purchased through Gammy's  Cards purchased from an online auction site or an ad may not be authentic or have a zero balance. 
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Policy Changes
Gammy's House/Tammy Stewart reserves the right to make changes to our policies from time to time and the current policy will be enforced.  The date of policy changes will be clearly noted on our policy page. You may check the date of the current policy in place by visiting our policy page at any time.
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